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Xerjoff - XJ Oud Stars - Mamluk

Xerjoff - XJ Oud Stars - Mamluk

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Head Notes

Bergamot, Honey, Caramel

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Osmanthus, Benzoin

Base Notes

Vanilla, Oud, Musk, Amber Rating

Xerjoff - XJ Oud Stars - Mamluk - EdP

Mamluk is journey of profound depth as deep and resinous notes from the earth create a meditative and spiritual scent. Honey and caramel notes resinate from the start creating a warm and rich invitation to the senses. Jasmine and Osmanthus soon blend with Laos benzoin creating a floral heart that is both seductive and alluring. Finally a bed of Vanilla Madagascar, Indian Oud, Crystal musk and amber create the final embrace to this warm and sensual scent. Mamluk is a rare and deeply reflective scent built on primal nature of mankind.

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