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Xerjoff - XJ Oud Stars - Gao

Xerjoff - XJ Oud Stars - Gao

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Testers are brand new, never sprayed, and contain the same original fragrance as regular products. They are made by the manufacturer and usually come in a plain white or brown box, often without a fancy cap. They are authentic and 100% original.


Head Notes


Heart Notes

Gurjum Balsam, Juniper (Gin Note), Nagarmotha

Base Notes

Patchouli, Amber Note, Oud

Xerjoff - XJ Oud Stars - Gao - EdP

Gao is a deeply anamalic scent based on a masterful blend of saffron and Oud. Dueling notes of Spanish and Iranian saffron provide a floral and earthy introduction to this scent. Soon gurjam balsam weaves its way with nagarmotha to provide a sweet, woody and tenacious profile to the scents heart while a rare Bois de Cade lends a dark, aromatic and smoky aura. Finally, Indonesian Patchouli and amber lay a smooth yet dry foundation to a seamless blend of Thai Pratchin oud and Laos Oud. Gao is a daring and sophisticated scent reminiscent of the dry and arid lands of the Arabian peninsula.


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