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Xerjoff XJ - Apollonia

Xerjoff XJ - Apollonia

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Apollonia 1969 / 2019

Head Notes

White flowers

Heart Notes

Iris Butter

Base Notes

White Musk

Apollonia 1969 / 2019
The latest fragrance launch from Xerjoff is a tribute to the manned Space mission Apollo 11, in which a human being set foot on the moon for the first time.The date was July 20th, 1969. The fragrance dedicated to this event actually takes you into the vast sphere of the universe, the image of a deep black night, illuminated only by thousands of stars, arise. The extraordinary seduction of Apollonia makes us understand why people are longing for infinity and have the dream of new, previously unexplored worlds.Apollonia gives these dreams space, therefore the senses can fly....

The Fragrance
Apollonia, Xerjoff's latest fragrance creation is a tribute to this memorable event. White flowers quietly carry the senses into the vastness of the universe. Deep black spheres, illuminated by thousands of distant stars, create a delicate floral impression, to which powdery iris tones lend an unfathomable depth. The beguiling base of white musk makes Apollonia sound extraordinarily seductive, creating an impression that miraculously captures the fascination of the vastness and the unknown. Apollonia is garbed in a bottle whose appearance Xerjoff has dedicated entirely to the theme. The grey-sand craters of the moon's surface, elegantly inscribed with the fragrance's golden crescent moon logo, make Apollonia a complete work of art.

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