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Xerjoff - Oud Stars Al-Khatt - edp

Xerjoff - Oud Stars Al-Khatt - edp

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Al-Khatt by Xerjoff is your passport to a captivating and exotic journey, an olfactory adventure of the senses.

This luxurious fragrance, meticulously crafted by Xerjoff's master perfumers, pays homage to the age-old tradition of pure oud distillation. Its name draws inspiration from the legendary 'Travels of Ibn Battuta' manuscript, hinting at the extraordinary odyssey that awaits.

The journey begins with a lively opening of fresh Italian bergamot and jasmine sambac, setting the stage for a heart imbued with the warmth of cashmere accords. This intricate blend offers a seductive and contemporary twist on the classic art of Arab perfumery.

As the scent unfolds, it gradually reveals a rich and sweet base featuring notes of vanilla, Laotian buaya, Bangladesh oud, and Assam oud. This harmonious fusion creates an irresistibly intoxicating aroma that lingers on the skin, leaving an indelible impression.

"Al-Khatt" invites you to embark on an enchanting voyage to a distant world, where the allure of tradition meets the seduction of the contemporary. From its very first notes, this fragrance beckons you to immerse yourself in its sensual embrace.

  • Jasmine Sambac, Italian Bergamot
  • Cashmeran Notes
  • Vanilla, Oud Assam, Laotian Benzoin, Buaya From Laos, Bangladesh Oud

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