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Xerjoff - K Collection - Layla

Xerjoff - K Collection - Layla

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Layla, a mesmerizing fragrance from the Kemi Collection, invites you to drift into the enchanting realm of the mystical night sky. Named after the Arabic word for night, Layla captures the essence of romance and femininity, drawing inspiration from the celestial wonders that adorn the nocturnal heavens.

The perfume unfolds as a magical journey, where the calm and serene character of the night is encapsulated in each precious drop. Much like the seductive allure of glittering stars, Layla weaves a narrative of temptation and sophistication.

At the heart of Layla, an intricate dance of aromatic notes takes place. Warming clove and nutmeg come together in a harmonious duet, infusing the fragrance with a subtle spiciness that adds depth and intrigue. These notes create a captivating aura, reminiscent of the gentle glow of distant stars against the canvas of the night sky.

As Layla evolves, the heavy sweet scent of ylang-ylang emerges, casting a sultry and enticing spell. The floral richness of ylang-ylang contributes to the perfume's romantic character, evoking the sensuality and mystery associated with the midnight hours. Patchouli, with its earthy and woody facets, adds a grounding element, anchoring the fragrance in a luxurious and inviting base.

Layla is a testament to the artistry of the Kemi Collection, where perfumes are crafted from natural raw elements using innovative distillation techniques. This commitment to natural ingredients and meticulous distillation methods ensures that each note in Layla is a true reflection of the raw materials used, allowing the fragrance to unfold in a nuanced and authentic manner.

In essence, Layla is not just a perfume; it's a celestial poem written in scent, capturing the essence of the night and the allure of celestial wonders. With each application, Layla invites you to experience the magic of a starlit night, where romance and mystique intertwine, leaving an indelible impression of sophistication and allure.

Top notes : Nutmeg and Cloves

Middle notes : Ylang-Ylang, Singapore Patchouli and Atlas Cedar

Base notes : Madagascar Vanilla, Musk and Amber.

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