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XerJoff - Coffee Break Collection - Golden Dallah

XerJoff - Coffee Break Collection - Golden Dallah

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Golden Dallah is an olfactory masterpiece that invites you on an irresistible and exotic journey, unveiling a rich tapestry of warm and enticing accords, notably inspired by the invigorating nuances of coffee and an array of fresh spices.

From the first encounter, the fragrance unfolds with an explosion of top notes that showcase a symphony of fresh, exotic spices. This initial burst is a sensory celebration, awakening the senses with a harmonious blend of aromatic elements that set the stage for the opulence that follows. The fragrance embraces an oriental and spicy character, echoing the allure of distant lands and age-old traditions.

At the heart of Golden Dallah lies a lavish composition featuring coffee absolute, incense, and amber. The inclusion of coffee absolute adds a rich and robust dimension, creating an aromatic homage to the beloved coffee bean. The aromatic trails of incense and amber add depth and complexity, infusing the fragrance with a sense of mystery and warmth. Together, these heart notes conjure an indulgent and captivating experience that resonates on the skin.

As the fragrance settles, the base accord emerges, revealing an earthy and inviting blend of cocoa and tonka bean. The combination of these notes contributes to the perfume's lasting impression, creating a warm and comforting foundation that lingers on the skin. This carefully crafted base enhances the overall allure of Golden Dallah, ensuring a memorable and enveloping fragrance experience.

Golden Dallah is a truly unique creation, tailored exclusively for the online store. It encapsulates the essence of exoticism and warmth, offering a fragrant journey that transcends borders and traditions. This perfume is a testament to the artistry of scent creation, where each note is carefully chosen to weave a narrative of opulence, warmth, and irresistible allure.


  • Fresh Exotic Spices
  • Amber, Cambodian Oud, Coffee Absolute, Incense, Rose Absolute
  • Cocoa, Tonka Bean

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