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Tom Ford

Tom ford – Tuscan Leather - Decant

Tom ford – Tuscan Leather - Decant

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Testers are brand new, never sprayed, and contain the same original fragrance as regular products. They are made by the manufacturer and usually come in a plain white or brown box, often without a fancy cap. They are authentic and 100% original.


Tuscan Leather, a fragrance that transcends the boundaries of conventional perfumery, is a captivating olfactory masterpiece that merges the primal allure of leather with the intoxicating presence of night-blooming jasmine and black suede. This distinctive blend creates a symphony of scents that is raw yet refined, sensual yet sophisticated—a perfume that beckons to the primal instincts while embracing the heights of luxury and elegance. At the heart of Tuscan Leather is the primal essence of leather, a note that evokes rugged sophistication and timeless appeal. The leather accord is crafted with meticulous precision, capturing the raw and untamed spirit of this iconic material. It forms the backbone of the fragrance, setting the stage for an olfactory experience that is both bold and deeply resonant. Night-blooming jasmine, with its heady and intoxicating aroma, intertwines with the primal leather, adding an element of sensuality to the composition. The jasmine notes bloom under the veil of night, creating a harmonious balance between the rugged and the delicate. This infusion of floral elegance elevates Tuscan Leather beyond the ordinary, turning it into a fragrance that is as opulent as it is evocative. Black suede, with its velvety and luxurious texture, weaves through the fragrance, creating a distinctive spin that sets Tuscan Leather apart. The suede accord adds a layer of refinement, a touch of sophistication that complements the primal nature of the leather and the sultry allure of the jasmine. It is a fragrance that navigates the realms of contrasting elements, creating a dynamic and multi-faceted aroma. As Tuscan Leather unfolds, it becomes a sensory journey, a symphony of scents that evolves on the skin. The perfume is an invitation to embrace the raw beauty of leather, the intoxicating allure of night-blooming jasmine, and the refined luxury of black suede. It captures the essence of a bold and confident individual who seeks a fragrance that mirrors their primal instincts and sophisticated taste. Tuscan Leather is more than a scent; it is a statement, an embodiment of untamed elegance that resonates with those who appreciate the fusion of raw and refined elements in the world of fragrance. Top notes are Raspberry, Saffron and Thyme; middle notes are Olibanum and Jasmine; base notes are Leather, Suede, Woody Notes and Amber.


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