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Tiziana Terenzi - Kirkè

Tiziana Terenzi - Kirkè

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Testers are brand new, never sprayed, and contain the same original fragrance as regular products. They are made by the manufacturer and usually come in a plain white or brown box, often without a fancy cap. They are authentic and 100% original.

Tiziana Terenzi - Kirkè

Head Notes

Passion Fruit, Fruity Notes, Cassis, Pear, Sand Chord

Heart Notes

Lily Of The Valley

Base Notes

Heliotrope, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Tiziana Terenzi - Kirkè

Immediately south of Rome is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Nowadays, it is a nature park, but it once was a wild place whose diversity of nature once took away the breaths of travellers on their Grand European Tour. This place is the sort of place that lives on in your memories for years after. It is as multi-facted as a diamond. Flanked on one side by massive sand dunes and the sea, the park is surrounded on the other sides by wild, uninhabited mountain ranges and lush forests. The area is dotted with the Mediterranean-style ruins and rubble that bear traces of the honorable men and women who once lived there. Strolling on the ancient hiking trails through the area, one feels almost emmeshed in the echoes of the scents, sounds, and memories of their glorious past. It is a dangerous lure, like the song of a mermaid or the melody that the goddess Circe used to lure her victims, as we were told in the Odyssey of Ulysses. This vivid scent enchants and entrances in much the same way.

Kirke is a magical and sensual perfume, equal to the strange power of the goddess who inspired it. It features a rich assortment of sweet fruits, such as passion fruit, peach and pear, mixed by skilful alchemy with raspberries and cassis. The silky caress of lily of the valley is as natural in feel as a barefoot walk in the sand, its dewy, green floralcy warmed by a distinctive heliotrope, and given force by dark patchouli and musk. Like the famous potions of the goddess Circe, this perfume enchants all who wear it. It leads them on mysterious paths to discover incredible wonders, evoking with great subtlety a myriad of feelings and inspirations. This maelstrom of passion and wonder awaits you too, holding still in its bottle until you choose to uncork it and hear the siren's sweet and dangerous song.


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