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Tiziana Terenzi

Tiziana Terenzi - Comete Collection - Halley

Tiziana Terenzi - Comete Collection - Halley

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Testers are brand new, never sprayed, and contain the same original fragrance as regular products. They are made by the manufacturer and usually come in a plain white or brown box, often without a fancy cap. They are authentic and 100% original.


Head Notes

Passion Fruit, Zitrische Notes, Cassis

Heart Notes

Iris, Hyacinth, Tuberose, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Hibiscus, Peach, Cinnamon

Base Notes

Vanilla, Oud, Cedar, Musk, Musk

Tiziana Terenzi - Comete Collection - Halley

The Halley comet is the most famous and brightest of the known periodic comets. In the collective consciousness of human beings it is the celestial body that most clearly influences our earthly life. As is the composition to which he so kindly gives his name. The fragrance opens with a magical and graceful bouquet, but also with a hint of hypnotic doom. Once in the nose, it's impossible not to smell him. The head captivates with precious fruits and flowers. Among the many echoes is the Brazilian passion fruit paired with lemon sorrant and black currant from Provence. These fruity notes are accentuated when the seductive effect of Bulgarian rose petals comes to the fore. Such a rich and elegant head needs an even more intense and generous heart to underline the variety of nuances it contains. Among the numerous flowers we can see the decisive scent of Florentine iris combined with the finesse of Tuscan hyacinth and the precious white Mexican tuberose. These precious flowers embrace the freshness of petitgrain and Hawaiian hibiscus, steamed by the softness of peach and alpine raspberry and seasoned with Sri Lanka cinnamon. The strong base combines the majestic power of Laotian oud and Cuban cedar with the typical "magic potion" of the Terenzi family consisting of ambergris and musk. HALLEY is a fragrance of irresistible and seductive power that radiates a brilliant, luminous tail, just like the famous comet that passes by our sky.


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