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The Spirit Of Dubai - Abjar - Spray Perfume

The Spirit Of Dubai - Abjar - Spray Perfume

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Immortalized in gold, Abjar, the legendary stallion, stands as a timeless emblem of strength and beauty, patiently awaiting his master, Antar, the warrior-poet whose exploits are etched in the annals of history. Their story, rich with heroism and poetic justice, transcends the sands of time, resonating through the ages as a testament to their unbreakable bond and the valorous deeds that have become the stuff of legend.

Abjar, more than just a fragrance, is a portal to a bygone era, a sensory bridge to the days of yore when the air was thick with the heady scents of amber, cedarwood, and labdanum. These ancient fragrances, revered for their deep, resonant aromas, evoke a world where every scent tells a story, and every breeze whispers tales of old.

Amber, with its warm, resinous scent, conjures images of sun-drenched landscapes and opulent courts, where the glow of this precious substance mirrored the wealth and grandeur of the civilizations that sought its allure. Cedarwood, known for its robust and earthy fragrance, recalls the majestic forests and the skilled artisans who crafted from its timber, artifacts of enduring beauty and strength.

Labdanum, with its rich, musky aroma, adds a touch of the mystical, reminiscent of ancient incense and sacred rites, its smoky tendrils rising to the heavens in silent homage to the divine. Together, these scents blend to create a tapestry of olfactory delight, transporting one to a time of bold adventures and uncharted lands.

The fragrance of Abjar is further enriched with nostalgic scents of leather, evoking the rugged gear of the warrior, and fresh woody notes that bring to mind the vast, unspoiled wilderness of the ancient world. Tobacco adds a layer of complexity, its smoky, aromatic presence hinting at the gatherings of wise men and scholars in their pursuit of knowledge and truth. The inclusion of Indian agarwood oil, with its profound, woody aroma, completes this olfactory journey, offering a scent that is as complex and enduring as the legend of Antar and Abjar itself.

In this way, Abjar is not merely a fragrance but a narrative woven in scent, a tribute to the enduring legacy of the past and the timeless tales of heroism and adventure that continue to inspire and captivate. It is a reminder of the power of fragrance to evoke memories, stir emotions, and transport us across time and space to relive the legendary exploits of the warrior-poet Antar and his faithful stallion, Abjar.

Top notes : Cypress, Pine, Clary Sage, Nutmeg, Styrax, Aldehydes, Lavender, Pepper, Cardamom, Cloves, Artemisia, Bitter Almond, Fruits, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Saffron, Bergamot, Apple and Mint

Middle notes : Leather, Cypress, Resins, Indian Oud, Birch Leaf, Cedar, Earthy Notes, Honey, Guaiac Wood, Woody Notes, Incense, Myrhh, Geranium, Labdanum, Olibanum, Rose, Jasmine, Cashmeran and Lily-of-the-Valley

Base notes : Castoreum, Tobacco, Agarwood (Oud), Civet, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, Sweet Notes, Patchouli, Vetiver, Benzoin, Tolu Balsam, Amber, Musk, Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Praline.

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