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The Beautiful Mind Series - Volume 1 - Intelligence & Fantasy

The Beautiful Mind Series - Volume 1 - Intelligence & Fantasy

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Testers are brand new, never sprayed, and contain the same original fragrance as regular products. They are made by the manufacturer and usually come in a plain white or brown box, often without a fancy cap. They are authentic and 100% original.


Head Notes

Magnolia, Bergamot, Mandarin, Pepper

Heart Notes

Osmanthus, Rose, Jasmine, Tiare

Base Notes

Cedar, Musk

The Beautiful Mind Series - Volume 1 - Intelligence & Fantasy

While an endless river of faceless signature fragrances, which are in the need for a celebrities name to get sold are flowing down the river each year, Geza Schoen (Creator of Escentric Molecules) launches a new series to send out a message: Honour the beauty of intelligence.This first scent of the series is an ode to the beauty of the summer and especially the memory of it. Each fragrance of The Beautiful Mind - series will be developed under cooperation with an outstanding mind. For Vol.1 Christiane Stenger has been called to be model and co-creator of it. With tender 12 years she was already the youngest "Grandmaster of Memory" of all times. Additionally the student of the political sciences is junior world champion in memory training.

The Scent:

The first Beautiful Mind fragrance is a warm summer scent, which evokes the feelings of luck from realizing that the summer arrives in big steps as far as to these beautiful melancholic memories of it, when it comes to the end of summer. Accordingly to this the scent it starts with a fresh top note - which reminds of the transition from spring to summer. The magnolia bud sprays its lovely smell and dances around the dew-covered freesia and the fruity bergamot. In the heart the warmth of the summer flows in and makes clear thereby that it will unfold its full splendour soon. Warm osmanthus, rose oil, animalic jasmine and a completely special preciousness are responsible for it: Tiarè Absolue - an extracts from a very rare plant from Tahiti. The note vibrates in the center and affectionately the other notes are centering it in a prominent position. The base note draws the face of the summer now in its full colour splendour. Warm cedar, fine sandal wood, passionate musc and cashmeran are arranging an olfaktoric way to express the feeling of a tenderly stroking sun, whose beams are touching the body softly and gives him a warm feeling of safety and love. The goal of Schoen was a scent that would appeal to head and heart, by connecting the mobility of the mind with the depth of memory. "An ode to summer and its memories," is Schoen's description. "A refreshing sparkle followed by tropic flowers, luscious woods and musk."

The Flacon:

Me Company's packaging is equally evocative. Instead a transparent red box, the bottle is wrapped in a lenticular foil which depicts Stenger's face morphing into abstraction. It's a complex, mesmerising effect which compels consideration of the concept behind the fragrance. "The red reflects our life force, blood," explains Schoen, "and the movement of the foil is intended to evoke the flow of axons in our brain while we're thinking."

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