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Royal Crown - Oud Al Melka

Royal Crown - Oud Al Melka

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Royal Crown - Oud Al Melka

Head Notes

Cedar, sage, saffron, juniper, cardamom

Heart Notes

Absolute jasmin Sambac, absolute rose Marocco, y-lang extra

Base Notes

Burmese oud, grey musk, tonka bean, musk Tonkin, labdanum, frankincense

A unique scent, which evokes mysticism and the power of silence.
A legend tells the story of how the majestic aroma of woody Oudh, one of the most ancestral and characteristic scents of the Middle East, permeates throughout heaven.
The woody-animal-like aroma emits dreamlike desires, which envelope all those who use it, immediately transforming them into temples dedicated to the worship of for-fumum.
In Oud Al Melka’s trail, a concentrate of the best qualities of oud is perceived; an oud that is cleverly mixed with different varieties of rose, Sambac Jasmine and a trace of precious Grey amber, that upon contact with the skin,makes it, irresistibly sexy.
I conceived Oud Al Melka as an exceptionally feminine fragrance. A dreamy Oud for princesses and queens.

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