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Roja - Amber Aoud Crystal Parfum

Roja - Amber Aoud Crystal Parfum

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Roja - Amber Aoud Crystal Parfum

Roja Dove’s Amber Aoud sets out to best every other rose-oud by sheer dint of superior raw materials and blending, creating a fragrance that is both soft and sensual. Taking a regally sour, spicy Indian oud, he buries it deep within the folds of a jammy rose. It is then illuminated by Hesperides, kissed by saffron and accentuated by flirty cinnamon. Patchouli ensures earthy depth, while Iris delicate powders, civet lends animalistic notes and flowers conjure up a creamy freshness. Smoky and spicy, the woody accentuated oud encounters the warmth of precious ambergris. But look closely and you will see the artful balance between sweet and sour, dusty and moist, sharp and smooth. There is structure and discipline within the avalanche of richness. Birch tar and incense resins and gums provide a smoky fade-out that proves to be excellent ballast for the jammy sweetness up top. Roja Dove’s Aoud Collection is exquisite, unique and masterfully composed – a fitting tribute to this precious essence. CARE: Roja Parfum Aouds are very dark, therefore care should be taken not to spray them on, or near, pale clothing. CARE FOR CRYSTAL PARFUMS: This fragrance is the same as its equivalent Musk Aoud Parfum, formulated using specialist techniques to create colourless oils. It is possible to get a lighter oil by engaging a shorter time for the distillation process. However, to obtain an almost colourless oil, Molecular Distillation of the oil is undertaken; this is the process used for the Crystal Parfums. It is technically highly sophisticated. In Molecular Distillation, the finished oil undergoes an additional distillation, this time under reduced pressure. This allows the oil to heat at a very low temperature, which ensures there is no inter-molecular interaction, thus allowing the elements that cause the dark colouration to be removed, without affecting the overall odour.

Head Notes

Bergamot, Lime and Lemon

Heart Notes

Rose de Mai, jasmin de Grasse, ylang ylang, fig

Base Notes

Cinnamon, saffron, patchouli, oak moss, sandalwood, aoud, benzoin, orris, birch, ambergris, musk

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