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Roberto Ugolini - Rosso 17

Roberto Ugolini - Rosso 17

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Testers are brand new, never sprayed, and contain the same original fragrance as regular products. They are made by the manufacturer and usually come in a plain white or brown box, often without a fancy cap. They are authentic and 100% original.


Head Notes

Mint, Saffron, Peach, Raspberry

Heart Notes

Damascene Rose, Pepper, Peony

Base Notes

Benzoin, Ambrette (Angelika Seeds), Amyris, Vetiver, Cedar

Roberto Ugolini - Rosso 17

Aromatic extravagance, sensual opulence and incomparable refinement!


Already in the opening, it is clear that this is an impressive and rich fragrance. A gorgeously fruity white peach brushed with the spicy suede-like nuances of saffron, cool mint, and green raspberry leaves explodes into your consciousness, immediately wowing you and leaving an impression of something truly special; unique. A subtle but powerful fruity-floral heart develops soon after, dominated by the lush, banana-rich tones of finest ylang ylang, a rich damask rose, fruity-spicy pink pepper and peony notes, all rounded off with peppery nasturtium. The base is balsamic, woody, and musky, with a powerful mélange of leathery styrax, floral-soft ambrette seeds, woody amyris, vetiver, and cedar wood.

17 Rosso is a truly unisex fragrance. The bottle is dressed in an exciting red metallic hue, matching this wonderful house number in Florence.


The seemingly mysteriousnumber-colorcombination 17 Rosso (Italian for red) refers to the address of Roberto Ugolini's workshop in ViadeiMichelozzi in Florence. The house number is 17 R, R standing for Rosso, or red. In Florence, the red numbers are for commercial or public places such as restaurants or shops, while blue and black numerals indicate private houses. If you want to visit Roberto Ugolini, you should definitely tell the driver "17 Rosso";otherwiseyou could easily land somewhere else. Once you have mastered this charming Florentine hurdle, stand in front of the cobbler's proud door located between an osteria and a café. So simple a door, and yet so fascinating the world of traditionalcraftmanshipthat awaits behind it. The finest materials and artistic genius are paired withpassionto create something truly special. Roberto Ugolini stands for uncompromising quality and an extravagant Italian style like no other. Valued worldwide, the master is now one of the best tailor-made shoemakers of his time.

17 Rosso is Ugolini's ?house' fragrance. It emphasizes the passion for exceptional craftsmanship with its particularly high concentration of fragrance oil of 30%, hence its categorization as Extrait de Parfum. Again, the perfumers are Christian Calabrò and Maurizio Cerizza.


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