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Orlov - Golden Prince - edp

Orlov - Golden Prince - edp

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Golden Prince by Orlov Paris, launched in 2017, is a Woody Spicy fragrance specifically designed for men. This scent is a creation of perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur, renowned for her expertise in crafting unique and captivating fragrances. Golden Prince stands as a testament to Orlov Paris's commitment to creating sophisticated and alluring scents that resonate with masculine sensibilities.

As a Woody Spicy fragrance, Golden Prince features a blend of earthy, deep woody notes combined with the warmth and excitement of spices. The woody aspect of the fragrance likely provides a solid and grounding base, often incorporating scents like cedar, sandalwood, or vetiver. These notes are known for their robust and earthy qualities, lending a sense of strength and stability to the fragrance.

Complementing the woody base, the spicy dimension of Golden Prince adds a vibrant and dynamic character. Spicy notes in perfumery often include elements like pepper, ginger, cinnamon, or cardamom, which bring a warm, invigorating, and sometimes slightly exotic facet to the scent. This balance between the depth of woody notes and the warmth of spices creates a fragrance that is both enticing and complex.

The introduction of Golden Prince in 2017 marked a significant addition to Orlov Paris's collection of men's fragrances. Its formulation caters to men who appreciate a scent that is both classic and modern, embodying the qualities of elegance, dynamism, and sophistication. Golden Prince is suitable for various occasions, from casual daily wear to more formal events, appealing to men who value a fragrance that reflects their personal style and strength.

Golden Prince by Orlov Paris is more than just a fragrance; it's a symbol of modern masculine elegance. It appeals to men who seek a scent that combines the heritage of woody and spicy notes with a contemporary edge, making it a popular choice among fragrance enthusiasts who value quality, luxury, and the expertise of fine perfumery. The creation of Golden Prince by Sidonie Lancesseur showcases Orlov Paris's dedication to using high-quality ingredients and meticulous attention to detail, further cementing their reputation as creators of luxurious and memorable fragrances for men.

 Top notes : Grapefruit, Red Berries and Spicy Notes

Middle notes : Incense, Juniper Berries, Nutmeg and Cedar

Base notes : Vetiver, Oakmoss and Sandalwood.

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