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Orto Parisi

Orto Parisi Cuoium - EDP

Orto Parisi Cuoium - EDP

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Testers are brand new, never sprayed, and contain the same original fragrance as regular products. They are made by the manufacturer and usually come in a plain white or brown box, often without a fancy cap. They are authentic and 100% original.

Orto Parisi's Cuoium is a fragrance that explores the olfactory territory of leather, crafting a scent that captures the richness, sensuality, and complexity of this iconic material. Created by the avant-garde perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri, Cuoium is part of the Orto Parisi collection known for its bold and unconventional compositions. Here's an expanded description, including potential fragrance notes:

**Fragrance Profile:**
Cuoium is positioned as a leather-focused fragrance, suggesting a composition that revolves around the multifaceted and alluring qualities of leather. This scent aims to embody the character of leather, evoking images of luxury, sophistication, and a touch of rebellion.

**Potential Fragrance Notes:**
*Top Notes:* The opening of Cuoium may feature initial notes that prepare the senses for the leather experience. Citrusy and aromatic top notes, such as bergamot or cardamom, could provide a bright and slightly spicy introduction, creating a prelude to the more substantial leather accord.

*Heart Notes:* The heart of Cuoium is likely to showcase the central theme—leather. Leather notes in perfumery can vary from soft and suede-like to bold and smoky. The heart may include leather accords, possibly enriched with hints of floral elements like rose or geranium, adding complexity and depth to the leather composition.

*Base Notes:* As the fragrance develops, the base notes may enhance the longevity and richness of the leather. Warm and woody accords, such as vetiver or cedar, could complement the leather, creating a balanced and harmonious dry-down. A touch of amber or musk might contribute to the overall sensuality and warmth.

**Overall Impression:**
Cuoium is anticipated to leave an impression of refined and luxurious leather. The scent is designed to capture the various facets of leather, from its supple and smooth aspects to its more intense and smoky qualities. It caters to individuals who appreciate the timeless allure of leather in perfumery.

**Bottle Design:**
Orto Parisi is known for its unique and artistic bottle designs. The flacon for Cuoium is likely to reflect the brand's commitment to individuality and creativity. The design may embody elements that complement the theme of leather, with a touch of boldness and sophistication.

In summary, Orto Parisi's Cuoium is a fragrance that delves into the world of leather, creating an olfactory experience that is rich, complex, and sensorially captivating. It is designed for those who appreciate the distinct and alluring character of leather in a fragrance. For precise and detailed information, it's recommended to refer to the official Orto Parisi website or consult with authorized retailers.


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