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Olfactive studio

Olfactive Studio Still Life Rio Edp

Olfactive Studio Still Life Rio Edp

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Still Life by Olfactive Studio, launched in 2011, is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance designed for both women and men. This unisex scent is a creation of perfumer Dora Baghriche, known for her expertise in crafting fragrances that beautifully capture the essence of moments and emotions. Still Life is a testament to Olfactive Studio's unique concept of connecting photography and perfumery, creating scents that evoke the artistic expression of visual art.

As a Citrus Aromatic fragrance, Still Life features a blend of vibrant citrus notes combined with the fresh, herbaceous qualities typical of aromatic fragrances. The citrus aspect likely includes ingredients like lemon, bergamot, or orange, providing a bright, refreshing, and invigorating opening. These vibrant citrus notes are complemented by aromatic elements, which may include herbs such as rosemary, basil, or lavender, adding depth and complexity to the scent.

The launch of Still Life in 2011 marked a significant addition to Olfactive Studio's fragrance collection. Its unisex formulation makes it a versatile choice, suitable for anyone seeking a scent that is both lively and sophisticated. Still Life is particularly well-suited for daytime wear and is ideal for those who appreciate fragrances that capture the freshness and vitality of citrus aromatics.

Still Life by Olfactive Studio is more than just a perfume; it's an olfactory interpretation of a still life artwork, capturing the serene beauty and simplicity of the moment. It appeals to those who seek a scent that transcends traditional gender boundaries, offering a refined and refreshing fragrance experience. The creation of Still Life by Dora Baghriche showcases Olfactive Studio's dedication to using high-quality ingredients and their commitment to blending the worlds of photography and perfumery, further cementing their reputation as creators of innovative and memorable fragrances.

Top notes : Yuzu, Pink Pepper, elemi, Black Pepper and Sichuan Pepper

Middle notes : Galbanum and Star Anise

Base notes : Rum, Virginia Cedar and Amber.

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Perfect for spring and summer love the scent