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Olfactive Studio - Still Life in Rio

Olfactive Studio - Still Life in Rio

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Head Notes

Yuzu, Ginger, Mint, Zitrische Notes, Mandarin

Heart Notes

Allspice, Coconut

Base Notes

Rum, Copahu Balsam, Leather

Olfactive Studio - Still Life in Rio

"Still Life" meaning a "quiet life", "calm" or "peaceful life".

In the case of Still Life in Rio, see the path to a peaceful life in sharp focus! The morning sun paints the sky, the bay, and the vibrant city of Rio in streaks of red and gold. It is a moment of awakening, of peace, and of pause - as if time is standing still for one beat of a pulse. We see a golden orb of light materializing through the sun rays, and it casts long, dark shadows behind the man who is standing there, looking out at the splendor of the city below him. The author of the image, Brazilian photographer Flávio Veloso, specializes in nature photography. He captured a rare moment of perfect beauty in Rio as the sky was lit up by a golden aura. In the early hours of dawn, he had climbed to the top of Corcovado Mountain, with its monumental Christ the Redeemer statue at the summit. Standing on the observation deck, he had to exercise patience to capture the perfect moment, one that is full of power and grandeur.

The Fragrance

The sunlight hits the bottle and gives glory to the stars. Still Life in Rio carries that golden the sun within itself - it bright, warm, and full of energy. Upon application, a play of light and sparkle begins, ushering in the sunlight with a spray of citrus fruit, sun-baked Yuzu fruit, spicy ginger, summery mint, and lemon essence. Behind this, a spiced, exotic heart of pepper, Jamaican allspice, and coconut water begins to pulsate, filling the scent with a languorous heat. Aromatic rum and Brazilian Copaiba balm give the base a tropical, resinous, and woody finish.

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