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Olfactive Studio - Close Up

Olfactive Studio - Close Up

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Head Notes

Coffee, Spices, Cherry

Heart Notes

Tobacco, Patchouli, Atlas Cedar, Rose (Centifolia)

Base Notes

Ambra Note, Musk, Tonka Bean

Olfactive Studio - Close Up

Are you ready for your close up?

This is one velvety, grown-up, animalic oriental that you won't want to miss. A furred, boozy cherry amber that is as dark as 70% chocolate.

Featuring an image of an extreme close-up of a human iris by Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan, Close Up is an olfactory depiction of the amazing colors and hues in the image. Looking at the image, we see a deep blue iris floating in the darkness, flecked with gold and brown and azure. It reminds one of clouds floating in the deepest, darkest space, as if untethered from the sky by an invisible pair of hands.

The fragrance itself is equally bold and startling. A burst of spicy green coffee grabs hold of your attention at the start and doesn't ever let go. Rooty and resinous, it plays very nicely against a luscious, wet cherry note - not a fresh cherry but a black, jammy candied cherry dipped in cognac. This interplay between the green coffee and boozy cherry goes on right through the fragrance, picking up a dark chocolate patchouli note in the base. A blond tobacco and light cedar lend a leafy woodiness that anchors the composition and steers it well clear of syrupy sweetness.

All of this is wrapped up in a furry, musky amber that provides a naughty, sensual dimension. Animalic? Oh boy, yes. For adults only - children need not apply.

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