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Jusbox Perfumes - Genre Collection - Cheeky Smile

Jusbox Perfumes - Genre Collection - Cheeky Smile

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Jusbox Perfumes - Genre Collection - Cheeky Smile

Head Notes

Iso E Super

Heart Notes

Ambra Note, Amber

Base Notes

Cash Merano, Amber

Jusbox Perfumes - Genre Collection - Cheeky Smile


For Cheeky Smile, V-Monkeys worked with perfumer Dominique Moellhausen to turn acid house beats into a molecular cocktail of joy and happiness through the engaging notes of Iso E Super, Amber Core, Amber Extreme and Cashmeran.


The Jusbox interpretation of the Acid House music and cultural movement has given birth to the first fluorescent packaging in perfumery history. The bottle is finished in a special varnish that appears light grey in daylight, but which turns into a vibrant, acid-green color when seen in absence of light or under ultraviolet light. The sides of the bottle, front typography and central upper side of the cap combine to create an original and hypnotic game of lights. The box sleeve, produced with the same technique, reveals a series of upside-down headphones reminiscent of the 'smiley face' - that iconic symbol of Acid House. Spray your perfume in the dark and it will lead you back to the magical atmosphere of London Acid House club nights.

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