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Juliette has a Gun - Sunny Side Up

Juliette has a Gun - Sunny Side Up

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Head Notes

Amyris, Jasmine, Vanilla

Heart Notes

Sandalwood, Iris, Jasmine, Sambac

Base Notes

Ambrette (Angelika Seeds), Iso E Super

Juliette has a Gun - Sunny Side Up

A guide to happiness

Yellow is the color of happiness. It is the color of the sun, of eggs yolks when cooked "sunny side up", early daffodils, and the Easter Bunny. It is the color of freedom and of letting go, of basking in the golden sun rays while homework and housework mounts up inside. Both the colorful and cheeky illustrations by Jamie Cullen for the scent and the perfume itself capture the bliss of turning one's face to the sun like a sunflower. The choice of yellow is no accident - it has been proven to stimulate the senses, lift a bad mood, alleviate mild depression, and even increase our heart rate.


This scent puts all the good stuff upfront, so immediately you smell the sultry, creamy sandalwood and vanilla, even though these heavier notes usually only emerge at the tail end of a composition. But this perfume upends perfume conventions, and we think the result smells fantastic - milky, sweet, but also aromatic and slightly incensey. A buttery iris and a vivid jasmine thickens the creamy woods in the heart, giving the scent a velvety density but not truly a floral feel. In the base, a subtle dose of the woody molecule Iso E Super gives the scent a radiance and lift that infuses the heavier, creamier notes with air. A diffuse ambrette musk is the final "happy-maker" here, swaddling the notes in a misty, cashmere-like softness akin to burying one's nose in a loved one's sweater.

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