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Grandiflora - Madagascan Jasmine

Grandiflora - Madagascan Jasmine

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Head Notes

Banana, Green Notes, Aquatic Notes

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Jasmine, Smoky Notes

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Grandiflora - Madagascan Jasmine

Composed by Michel Roudnitska, Madagascan Jasmine is a tribute to Stephanotis floribunda, or the so-called Madagascan jasmine. In terms of aroma profile, Madagascan jasmine is not as sweet as other varieties and features instead a clear, green stemminess that plays so well against the heady, creamy smell of the waxy petals themselves. In order to best replicate the smell of the plant, Michel Roudnitska was sent a plant of his own, and he studied it over a period of months.

The result is beautiful: stemmy, green, crisp, but also mouthwateringly rich. It feels and smells completely natural. For those looking for a green, stemmy take on jasmine rather than the double cream treatment of other jasmines, then look towards this perfume. It smells like a whole jasmine plant, vines and all, made into an intense liqueur that tastes both fresh and rich.

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