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Gisada - Ambassador Men - edp

Gisada - Ambassador Men - edp

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Ambassador Men by Gisada, introduced in 2019, is a Woody Aromatic fragrance crafted for men. This scent is part of Gisada's impressive line of fragrances, known for their sophistication and elegance. The creation of Ambassador Men by perfumer Andreas Wilhelm adds a distinctive touch to the world of men's fragrances, showcasing a blend of craftsmanship and olfactory artistry.

As a Woody Aromatic fragrance, Ambassador Men features a harmonious combination of earthy, woody notes with the fresh and invigorating characteristics of aromatic ingredients. The woody aspect of the fragrance typically provides a solid and grounding base, often incorporating scents like cedar, sandalwood, or vetiver. These notes are known for their robust and earthy qualities, lending a sense of strength and stability to the fragrance.

Complementing the woody base, the aromatic dimension of Ambassador Men adds a refreshing and herbaceous character. Aromatic notes often include elements like lavender, rosemary, or basil, which bring a bright, green, and often slightly spicy facet to the scent. This balance between the depth of woody notes and the freshness of aromatic elements creates a versatile and appealing fragrance suitable for a variety of occasions.

The launch of Ambassador Men in 2019 marked a significant addition to Gisada's collection of men's fragrances. Its formulation appeals to men who appreciate a fragrance that combines the classic elements of wood and aromatic notes with contemporary flair. Ambassador Men is ideal for the modern man who values sophistication, elegance, and the artistry behind creating a memorable scent.

Ambassador Men by Gisada is more than just a fragrance; it's a symbol of modern masculine elegance. It appeals to those who seek a scent that reflects their confidence and style, making it a popular choice among fragrance enthusiasts who value quality, tradition, and the expertise of fine perfumery. The creation of Ambassador Men by Andreas Wilhelm showcases Gisada's commitment to using high-quality ingredients and their meticulous attention to detail, further solidifying their reputation as creators of luxurious and memorable fragrances.

Top notes : Apple, Green Mandarin, Cardamom and Violet

Middle notes : Mango, Lavender, Black Pepper, Patchouli and Peony

Base notes : Vanilla, Amber, Vetiver, Teak Wood and Moss.

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