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Frapin - Terre de Sarment

Frapin - Terre de Sarment

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Head Notes

Grapefruit, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Caraway

Heart Notes

Frankincense, Cinnamon, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Nutmeg, Myrrh

Base Notes

Benzoin, Amyris, Vanilla, Tobacco

Terre de Sarment, the dashingly bold Eau de Parfum from Frapin lingers on your skin like a good lover might. Terre de Sarment is a sexy and sensual fragrance that entices your inner femme fatale to come out and play. Almost masculine in nature, this is one perfume that needs a strong woman to match its unstoppable prowess.

The passion infused into Terre de Sarment is blatantly apparent from the very first note that gently hits your skin upon the initial spray. You will instantly recognize the distinct top notes of grapefruit, neroli, caraway and grapes designed to lure you in deeper as the fragrance gets more complex, like a medieval labyrinth containing a surprise at every turn.

The middle notes carry you away with the spicy and sweet combination of cinnamon, orange blossom, nutmeg and amyris. Grabbing your attention and not letting go, Terre de Sarment is a fragrant force to be reckoned with.

Shrouded in mystery and hidden appeal, the base notes found in Terre de Sarmant provide the ultimate exploration into an unknown world. Benzoin, myrrh and incense deliver the final notes in this cornucopia of aromatic ingredients.

Terre de Sarment is not for the faint of heart. The boldness and richness of this stunning fragrance set it apart from anything else in its class. Produced with an acute attention to detail and a refined sensory palette, Terre de Sarment is sure to become your go to fragrance whenever you want to make an unforgettable statement.

You often forget the power a perfume can harness until you discover a scent like Terre de Sarment which commands a presence all on its own. Get reacquainted with your super sexy, strong, confident self every single time you wear Terre de Sarment. It's a feeling like none other by a perfume like none other.

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