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Frapin - L'Humaniste - Eau de Parfum

Frapin - L'Humaniste - Eau de Parfum

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Frapin - L'Humaniste - Eau de Parfum

Head Notes

Zitrische Notes, Bergamot

Heart Notes

Juniper (Gin Note), Thyme

Base Notes

Juniper (Gin Note), Tonka Bean

Frapin - L'Humaniste- Eau de Parfum

L'Humaniste is an uncomplicated fragrance for Gentlemen. The scent is going on a very straight way, nothing extraordinary or difficult, nothing ambivalent or contrasting - just a wonderful Eau de Parfum that start with a fresh lemon and a clean Bergamotte. Warm gin and spicy thyme are leading into the scent's heart. Soon L'Humaniste shows its whole authenticy made of juniper and tonkabean.

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