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Electimuss Puritas Pure Parfum

Electimuss Puritas Pure Parfum

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Puritas, a fragrance inspired by the venerable Vesta, the Roman goddess of purity, home, and hearth, is a captivating olfactory ode to the divine essence embodied by this ancient deity. Vesta's purity of heart and the symbolic flames that perpetually danced in her temples as a promise of fertility serve as the muse for this aromatic masterpiece. At the heart of Puritas lies a graceful and ethereal floral incense, an olfactory symphony that echoes the divine presence of Vesta herself. This central accord is skillfully balanced with bright and peppery top notes, creating an invigorating and spirited introduction to the fragrance. The juxtaposition of these lively notes sets the stage for an olfactory journey that mirrors the eternal flames of Vesta's sanctuaries. As the fragrance unfurls, a warm and spicy base emerges, adding depth and complexity to the composition. This foundation, like the steadfast hearth in Vesta's sacred domain, exudes a sense of enduring warmth and comfort. Puritas captures not only the essence of its divine muse but also encapsulates an eternal elegance, simplicity, and a lightness of touch—a fragrant testament to the timeless qualities associated with the goddess. Much like Vesta herself, Puritas transcends the boundaries of time, offering a fragrance that resonates with a sense of purity, home, and the eternal. The simplicity and grace embedded within the fragrance reflect the divine inspiration, inviting wearers to experience the timeless allure of a scent that embodies the sanctity and purity of the goddess Vesta's realm. Top notes are elemi, Pink Pepper, Absinthe and Saffron; middle notes are Olibanum, Egyptian Jasmine, Indian Tuberose, Geranium, Rose and Ylang-Ylang; base notes are Amber, Patchouli, Labdanum, Vetiver, Tonka Bean and Guaiac Wood.

Top notes : elemi, Pink Pepper, Absinthe and Saffron

Middle notes : Olibanum, Egyptian Jasmine, Indian Tuberose, Geranium, Rose and Ylang-Ylang

Base notes : Amber, Patchouli, Labdanum, Vetiver, Tonka Bean and Guaiac Wood.

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