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Dusita - Oudh Infini

Dusita - Oudh Infini

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Head Notes

Oud, Rose, May, Neroli (Orange Blossom)

Heart Notes

Benzoin, Sandalwood

Base Notes

Vanilla, Musk, Civet

Dusita - Oudh Infini

"Dawn in the sky: a tiny stream of gold flows and expands, imperceptibly, until it covers the whole sky and turns itself into silver." - Montri Umavijani.

Oudh Infini is an exploration of the euphoria of adventure and discovery. Combining a smooth Laotian oud with a pert rose de mai and orange blossom, there is a goatish, creamy undertow to this perfume that manages to both disturb and soothe. A soft, dung-like note clings around the oud, but it is super refined, as if it has been filtered through a silk stocking. Civet adds a shocking animal twist, turning our head briefly to the barnyard, but the soft, rich roses bring us back again to the 16th arrondissement.

A rich, powdered vanilla cream made up of benzoin and sandalwood reinforces the creamy, dreamy mood here. Pale and meltingly soft, the gauzy overlay of goat curd oud, then rose, then oud again, wears like the finest of silk shawls. If you've given up on rose-ouds, then Oudh Infini will restore your faith.

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