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Dusita - Mélodie de lAmour

Dusita - Mélodie de lAmour

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Head Notes

Gardenia, Tuberose, Flowers, Honey

Heart Notes

Peach, Broom, Lily Of The Valley, Jasmine, Sambac

Base Notes

Cedar, Musk

Dusita - Mélodie de l'Amour

"My feeling for you is like a flower blooming in an empty room." - Montri Umavijani.

Melodie de l'Amour is a song in praise of the wonderful feeling of being in love. And how best to say "I love you" than with a veritable bouquet of white flowers? Upon application, you will be shocked at the explosion of what seems to be thousands of precious white flower petals - jasmine, tuberose, gardenia - falling around your face. Tinged with a gloss of pale honey, the floral abundance bathes the wearer in a dreamy cocoon of sweet, creamy bliss. The opening minutes of Melodie de l'Amour have to be some of the most beautiful we have ever experienced.

Soft hints of peach and lily-of-the-valley cut through the richness of the white floral accords, and add a crisp, fruity green tint to the composition, like a slice of apple dropped into a pail of double cream. A subtle, cottony white musk takes the bombast of the opening and lets it wind gently down until it fades out, as diaphanous as ghost.

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