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Diptyque - L'eau des Sens

Diptyque - L'eau des Sens

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Head Notes

Bitter Orange (Petitgrain), Mandarin, Zitrische Notes, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Herb, Rosemary

Heart Notes


Base Notes

Cedar, Musk

Diptyque - L'eau des Sens

Eau des Sens is a balm for the senses.

It is a perfect fragrance for synesthetes who perceive velvety-textured fragrances in warm and soothing colors. But even if you do not experience fragrance in terms of colors and textures, you will love the invigorating properties of this divine scent. A wonderful illusion - a seemingly inexhaustible source of soft, warm citrus and orange flower notes. Described by Diptyque as a piece of music that breathes on the skin, Eau des Sense demonstrates the duality inherent in skin-like sensuality, that of a gentle innocence matched by a vibrant, soulful energy. The scent is composed of orange flower, bitter orange, juniper berry, angelica, and patchouli. Trembling fresh petals meets bitter fruit, and are decorated by flous of herbs and earth. Eau des Sens unfolds the scent of the orange tree in its entirety, from the white petals of the orange blossom to the dark green leaves to the juicy, bitter Seville orange hanging off the branches, and this is what imbues the fragrance with its vibrant soul.

Just as you think you understand Eau Sens and its dark citrus core, it shifts again and you are left in awe as the scent develops a shadowed, earthy, and sensual character. Precious woods, spices, and patchouli give a depth to the background of the scent and challenge our senses. The poet Paul Eluard concocted the phrase "as blue as an orange" to describe the light refracting off the green branches of the orange tree under a southern sun and casting deep blue-green shadows - this is Eau des Sens in a nutshell. There are similarly hidden depths to Eau des Sens. Breathe it all in with its hints of woods and aromatic ginger. It will do your soul good. One might almost think that Eau des Sens was a crazy balancing act between all its elements. But it pulls it off with such aplomb that one cannot help but to love it in its entirety.

Fragrance notes:

Orange blossom, bitter orange, juniper, angelica, patchouli

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