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Diptyque - Fleur de Peau

Diptyque - Fleur de Peau

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Head Notes

Bergamot, Lychee, Cassis

Heart Notes

Geranium, Jasmine, Rose

Base Notes

Honey, Musk, Cedar

Diptyque - Fleur de Peau

Fleur de Peau charts the encounter of silky, vegetal ambrette musk with two flowers - iris and hibiscus. In ancient Greece, in terms of passion and sensuality, one myth overshadows everything else: the love affair between Psyche and Eros, the happy union that produced a daughter named Voluptas. Fleur de Peau reflects this legend, with a focus on the erotic, but subtle skin-like muskiness of ambrette seed. This vegetal musk is what truly defines the heart of Fleur de Peau - fluffy, cloudy, and downy soft. The musk slowly unfolds, touching the rooty, silvery powder of iris and the fruity, tea-like hibiscus flower as it does, gathering all the notes up in a tender embrace. Delicately fruity, floral, and musky all at once, Fleur de Peau is delicacy defined. Its tactile, skin-like muskiness is subtly sensual, and emphasized with a salty, golden-sweet radiance in the base thanks to a touch of ambergris.

Notes: aldehydes, pink pepper, Turkish rose, iris, ambrette (musk mallow), ambergris and musk

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