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Diptyque - Do Son - Eau de Parfum

Diptyque - Do Son - Eau de Parfum

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Testers are brand new, never sprayed, and contain the same original fragrance as regular products. They are made by the manufacturer and usually come in a plain white or brown box, often without a fancy cap. They are authentic and 100% original.


Diptyque - Do Son Eau de Parfum: Fragrance Profile: Do Son Eau de Parfum by Diptyque is a mesmerizing fragrance that invites you to experience the enchanting coastal village of Do Son in Vietnam. This olfactory masterpiece is a poetic symphony of blooming tuberose flowers caressed by the sea breeze. Its luminous and sensual character captures the essence of a seaside garden in full bloom, making it an evocative and sophisticated scent. Fragrance Notes: Tuberose: The heart of Do Son Eau de Parfum is adorned with the heady and creamy notes of tuberose. This exotic and narcotic flower takes center stage, creating a captivating and sensual aura. Orange Blossom: Complementing the tuberose, orange blossom adds a delicate and citrusy facet to the fragrance. Its floral sweetness enhances the overall luminosity of the composition. Jasmine: The subtle yet alluring fragrance of jasmine weaves through the heart notes, contributing a touch of sophistication and floral elegance to the overall scent. Scent Journey: As you spray Do Son Eau de Parfum, it embarks on a journey that transports you to the serene and picturesque village of Do Son. The initial burst of tuberose envelops you in its opulent embrace, while the delicate nuances of orange blossom and jasmine unfurl like petals in the sea breeze. The fragrance evolves, taking you on a sensory exploration of a coastal garden in full bloom. Elegance in Simplicity: True to Diptyque's commitment to simplicity and elegance, the bottle housing Do Son Eau de Parfum reflects a minimalist aesthetic. Clean lines and understated design allow the fragrance itself to be the focal point, emphasizing the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Versatility in Wear: Do Son Eau de Parfum is versatile in its wear, making it suitable for various occasions. Whether donned during a casual day out, an evening gathering, or a special event, the fragrance adapts beautifully to the wearer's personality. Its luminous and floral character brings an aura of sophistication to any ensemble. Long-lasting and Evocative: Crafted with precision, Do Son Eau de Parfum offers a long-lasting scent experience. The fragrance lingers on the skin, creating an intimate and memorable olfactory trail. Its enduring presence ensures that the essence of Do Son stays with you throughout the day or night. Diptyque Heritage: Founded in Paris, Diptyque has a rich heritage rooted in a passion for craftsmanship and storytelling through fragrance. The creation of Do Son Eau de Parfum reflects the brand's dedication to capturing moments in time and transporting them into olfactory experiences. Conclusion: Diptyque's Do Son Eau de Parfum is an exquisite journey to a coastal haven, where the notes of tuberose, orange blossom, and jasmine dance in the sea breeze. With its luminous floral composition, understated bottle design, and long-lasting allure, Do Son encapsulates the essence of elegance and simplicity. This fragrance is a celebration of the poetic beauty found in the art of perfumery.

Head Notes

Iris, Orange

Heart Notes

Tuberose, Pepper

Base Notes

Benzoin, Musk

Diptyque - Do Son - EdP

is a floral type fragrance made especially for women. Do Son range was released in the year 2005. The brain behind the fragrance creation is Fabrice Pelligrin.

The top notes of the fragrance possess rose, iris, and orange flower from Africa.

The middle notes consist of pink pepper and tuberose while the base notes include musk and benzoin.

The heady fragrance explores deep into the center of the blossom while the tuberose becomes the white flower that has hints of botanic, exotic, and fresh fragrance notes.

The tuberose flower has an earthy scent with traces of carnal fragrance. The mix of jasmine, orange, fruity, rubbery, and honey tinged indolic aroma has also been believed to cure frigidity in the Victorian times. Tuberose also portrayed a dangerous aphrodisiac fragrance that brought to mind the carnal pleasures. This familiar but reinvented fragrance form that has accentuated notes gives a powerful personality, intensity, and even tenacity to the user.


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