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Creed - Royal Mayfair

Creed - Royal Mayfair

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Creed - Royal Mayfair

Head Notes

Juniper (Gin Note), Zitrische Notes, Pine

Heart Notes


Base Notes

Orange, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus

Creed - Royal Mayfair

With Royal Mayfair, the house of Creed honors a not uncontroversial aristocrat by the name of David, a man who enjoyed illicit liaisons with married women much younger than himself. The fondness for this type of pastime was a strain on the otherwise excellent relationship he enjoyed with his father, King George V. The King feared that, with these proclivities, David could ruin the crown in less than 12 months time, and spent his days wishing fervently that his son would meet the right woman, settle down, and set about securing the royal bloodline. In the end, it was his social conscience and indomitable courage that ended up characterizing David, and not his philandering. In the years he lived at Fort Belvedere, he chose to live among friends, and to eschew the trappings of court. He was a strong character and had a beautiful sense of style that left its mark on men's fashions that can be still seen today.

He was a man who believed in love over royalty. He fought hard for his great love, Wallis Simpson, for whom he abdicated his position as king. Tragically, his father was proved right in the end - his son indeed plunged the monarchy into crisis. Within the space of 12 months, he lost the crown, married a glamorous American divorcee against the will of his parents, caused a huge national scandal, and rocked the foundations of the British monarchy to the core. Was he happy? One can only hope that he was, in the end.

What it smells like

Royal Mayfair opens with a striking note of British gin, flavored with fresh, citrusy Jamaican lime and countered by a pure note of Scottish Highlands Pine, a reference to the aristocratic origin and yet also cosmopolitan thrust of the fragrance.Bahamian orange, Canadian cedar, and Australian eucalyptus anchor the base of the fragrance, and introduce a dichotomous feeling of balance between the desire for freedom and authenticity (the tropical orange and the exotic eucalyptus) and the need for a solid foundation formed with family, duty, and honour (the cedar). The entire fragrance is an artistic expression of the story of the tortured soul who inspired it.

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