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Creed - Les Royales Exclusives - Pure White Cologne

Creed - Les Royales Exclusives - Pure White Cologne

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Pure White Cologne, inspired by the legendary Regency and Victorian colognes, is a dazzling and elegant blend that captures the essence of royal grooming and tailored shirts. CREED has skillfully combined traditional and modern notes to create a fragrance that pays homage to the sophisticated style of men in Victorian England. This cologne is a harmonious fusion of timeless freshness and contemporary refinement. It weaves together a regal accord that mirrors the grooming rituals and sartorial elegance of the Victorian era. Pure White Cologne is a fragrance that transcends time, offering a luxurious and distinguished olfactory experience reminiscent of the grace and charm of historical English gentlemen. Top notes are Grapefruit, Lemon and Sicilian Bergamot; middle notes are Pear, Neroli and Galbanum; base notes are Rice, White Musk, Powdery Notes and Ambergris.

Head Notes


Bergamot, Zitrische Notes, Grapefruit

Heart Notes


Galbanum, Pear, Neroli (Orange Blossom)

Base Notes


Ambra Note, Musk, Rice


Creed - Les Royales Exclusives - Pure White Cologne

As part of the Royales Exclusives collection, Pure White Cologne (formerly known as Original Cologne) evokes men's styles in Victorian England: clean grooming, tailored white shirts and lives made richer by quality goods of impeccable detail. Creed Pure White Cologne wraps the client like a garment stitched to his exact proportions, fitting and superb in every respect, a complement to his innate style and a statement of his high standing. Pure White Cologne has been compared to a burst of English mist, as in the 1844 J.M.W. Turner painting, "Rain, Steam and Speed" - a fine and clean sensation on the skin like when a train blurs past, sending a gust of cooling moisture onto every pore.

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