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Creed - Les Royales Exclusives - Jardin d`Amalfi

Creed - Les Royales Exclusives - Jardin d`Amalfi

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Head Notes

Bergamot, Zitrische Notes

Heart Notes

Pepper, Vetiver

Base Notes


Early 20th century, late afternoon, a garden in Italy. A slightly acid scent, spicy and spirited, hangs in the air among the trees. Bergamot, mandarin, rose. The scenery is a lively panel of colours. Green, orange, yellow, red.Isadora Duncan's performance begins. The goddess of modern dance, dressed in a plain white veil, bare feet on the grass. The body is free, the movements are generous and original, the veil undulates on her grace. Forever seeking harmony of body and soul. The audience is dazzled. Isadora Duncan, a revolutionary dance, a life of passion, a stirring personality, a symbol of freedom.

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