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Clinique - Happy Women - EDP

Clinique - Happy Women - EDP

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Testers are brand new, never sprayed, and contain the same original fragrance as regular products. They are made by the manufacturer and usually come in a plain white or brown box, often without a fancy cap. They are authentic and 100% original.


Clinique Happy, a fragrance synonymous with joy and brightness, embodies the essence of a sunny, cheerful morning. This perfume invites its wearers to embrace happiness each time they spray it on. Its meticulously crafted scent profile begins with an invigorating burst of fresh apple, succulent plums, and zesty bergamot, all harmoniously blended with a unique fresh-air accord. These top notes serve as a prelude to a heart rich in exotic florals, where the delicate aromas of freesia, lily, rose, and morning orchid unfold in a symphony of natural beauty.

The journey of the fragrance then settles into a warm and comforting base of musk and amber, creating a lasting impression that balances the initial freshness with a deep, resonating warmth. Created in 1997, Happy is the result of the collaborative genius of perfumers Jean Claude Delville and Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Their expert craftsmanship and innovative approach to fragrance design are evident in every aspect of Happy.

In recognition of its unique composition and enduring popularity, Happy was honored with a prestigious 1998 FiFi award, a testament to its excellence in the world of perfumery. This accolade not only marks the fragrance's high-quality craftsmanship but also its significant impact on the fragrance industry. Clinique Happy remains a beloved choice for those seeking a scent that captures the joyous essence of life, making every day feel a bit brighter and more optimistic.


Top Notes: Orange, Blood Grapefruit, Indian Mandarin, Bergamot, Apple, Plum

Middle Notes: Lily-of-the-Valley, Freesia, Orchid, Rose

Base Notes: Mimosa, Lily, Magnolia, Musk, Amber


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