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Amouage - Blossom Love

Amouage - Blossom Love

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Head Notes

Cherry Rose

Heart Notes

Ylang - Ylang, Vanilla

Base Notes

Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Cash Merano

Amouage - Blossom Love

Ah, but Blossom Love is pure love indeed. A cluster of pale pink cherry blossoms closed up in a secret garden awaits the first touch of a human hand - it speaks to girlish innocence and the purity of young love.

Blossom Love opens with a burst of sweet cherry so tart and bright you can feel the juices in your mouth, before eventually folding itself into a voluptuously creamy floral heart full of velvety pink roses. The gentle fruity floral cream grows ever richer as time goes on, with heliotrope and tonka bean adding a thick, boozy accent halfway between amaretto and chocolate almond gateau. A kittenish grey suede purrs in the base, cashmeran and vanilla sealing off the florals like a taut layer of yellow cream on a pail of milk.

Notes: bergamot, heliotrope, amaretto, ylang-ylang, rose, cherry blossom, amber, tonka bean, vanilla, suede.

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