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A Lab On Fire - California Snow

A Lab On Fire - California Snow

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Head Notes

Sage, Tea, Chamomile

Heart Notes

Rose, Hay, Cannabis

Base Notes

Musk, Earthy Notes, Vetiver, Cedar

A Lab On Fire - California Snow

The result of an exciting collaboration with perfumer Mackenzie Reilly, A Lab on Fire's new scent, California Snow, is a perfume that depicts the illicit pleasures of attending parties in the Hollywood Hills that you're too young to go to and of smoking illegal substances that your parents definitely wouldn't approve of. As the stars glitter overhead, so too do the stars at the party. Everything feels dangerous. Nothing is impossible tonight.

The witchy topnotes of sage and narcissus are dry and herbal; they smell like trampled grass. There is a mineralic soil note that roots the scent to the ground, so much so that you can almost feel the earth coming up between your bare toes. A whiff of smoke from a cannabis joint, roses, and smoky cedar add to the crackling sense of excitement. The scent is dry but mesmerizing; despite not being conventionally sweet or floral, there is something very sensual and alluring about it. One spray to the chest of this unique, quirky perfume would invite the best kind of party conversation.

Notes: sage, tea, chamomile, coumarin, narcissus, rose, hay, cannabis, musk, soil tincture, vetiver, cedar

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