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Shalimar - Mysore and Saffron

Shalimar - Mysore and Saffron

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ATTAR ZAFRAAN from the house of M. L. Ramnarain Perfumers, India

The Mogra Saffron from Pampore - Kashmir infused over pure Indian sandalwood oil using the traditional Indian attar making techniques .

It is a scent vacillating between warm honeyed leather pinch with an Earthy hay like first impression which further leads to a unique woody creamy undertone.

It marries very well with most oriental accords be it agarwood oil, vetiver, shamama or for that matter even florals like champaca and rose.

Olfactory projection is subtle and does not last on skin for long. It is an experience….

100% natural with no additives in any form whatsoever. Just saffron and sandalwood oil.

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