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Profumi Del Forte - Vittoria Apuana

Profumi Del Forte - Vittoria Apuana

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Head Notes

Orange, Mandarin, Bitter Orange (Petitgrain)

Heart Notes

Coconut, Tiare, Banana

Base Notes

Vanilla, Ambergris Note

Profumi Del Forte - Vittoria Apuana

Sensuous and delicate, coconut and vanilla in a concert of freshness, in a cascade of emotions. Nostalgic memories of a perhaps untaken journey.

From the diary of maître parfumeur:

"The olfactory memories of my days spent on the sea-shore in Forte, carefree days in a celebration of fragrances. Sweet memories of picnics, of the scent of the coconut and fresh fruit. These come slowly back to mind, mingling with the smells of the sun and the sea"

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