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Nicolai Les - Patchouli Sublime - Elixir de Parfum

Nicolai Les - Patchouli Sublime - Elixir de Parfum

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Head Notes

Lavender, Mint, Coriander

Heart Notes

Flowers, Rose, Cinnamon, Frankincense

Base Notes

Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Tobacco, Amber, Musk

Patricia de Nicolai - Patchouli Sublime - Elixir de Parfum

With Patchouli Sublime, Patricia di Nicolai reimagines and deepens the already dramatic contrasts at play in the original scent, Patchouli Intense. Patchouli Sublime is even more patchouli than the Intense version! Based on a beautiful patchouli-rose-pelargonium accord, the fragrance features both patchouli essential oil and an absolute extracted using solvents, both of which combine to summon the essential spirit of this green, minty-balsamic plant long adored for its earthy, calming character.

The top notes sparkle with a vivacious mint and coriander pairing that drenches the composition in a biting freshness, while creamy, almond-inflected tonka bean and rugged tobacco bring a rich, multi-levelled richness that fills out the gaps between the green leaves in the heart. The fresh, aromatic beginning slowly gives way to an enticing floral incense accord, made subtly spicy with cinnamon. Masculine and self-assured, this is a gentlemanly patchouli brought to new levels of class and refinement. Formal, fresh, and yet captivatingly sensual, this is one patchouli that's as at home in the boardroom as it is on a hike.

Patchouli Sublime comes in a handcrafted ornate glass bottle with waxed and gilded elements embossed onto the glass. The bottle is bedded down in sumptuous folds of red velvet, encased in a polished wooden box that can be treasured for generations. A gift, an act of love, and a supreme expression of the high art of perfumery, Patchouli Sublime is a scent whose outer trappings are as luxuriously appointed as the contents of the bottle itself.

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