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Panah - Icy Citrus - Eau De Parfum

Panah - Icy Citrus - Eau De Parfum

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Panah - Icy Citrus - Eau De Parfum

A unique fragrance with cooling sensation akin to menthol. Cooling technology developed in US and already used in a wide array of skin care applications.

Fragrance Technology:
The cooling microspheres become active upon coming contact with water (perspiration). The crystals are thus smart enough to detect perspiration on human skin and trigger immediate cooling sensation. The feeling is akin to rubbing ice (menthol) on skin and thereby uplifting the mood of the wearer.
Fragrance is ideal for sports/physical fitness enthusiasts and for hot & humid climates whereby the wearer is naturally prone to perspire.
Ideal pulse points to spray: Inside Elbows, Chest, Neck area or any body part which are likely to perspire the most.
Fragrance developed in Switzerland.
Main notes:

Citrus, Spices, Woody notes, Vanilla.

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