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Orto Parisi - Seminalis Parfum

Orto Parisi - Seminalis Parfum

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Orto Parisi - Seminalis Parfum

One of the ingredients of Seminalis is bourgeonal, an aromatic aldehyde that smells of lily of the alley, and which has a positive effect on the sperm of the man and makes them swim twice as fast. The scent has a strong appeal to both women and men. It is sweet, floral and milky, with notes of vanilla and spicy musk.

Orto Parisis creator Alessandro Gualtieri has a special theory of smells that the parts of the body that smell most are just where the soul is gathered. He wants to produce scent notes that can be perceived as unpleasant and make them exciting, interesting and beautiful. Orto Parisis aims to enchant, trigg your curiosity and maybe even disgust a bit. Above all, they want the carrier to form an own perception of the scent.

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