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Floris - The Fragrance Journals - 1976

Floris - The Fragrance Journals - 1976

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Head Notes

Bergamot, Zitrische Notes, Pepper, Birch

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Juniper (Gin Note), Vetiver, Lavender

Base Notes


Floris - The Fragrance Journals - 1976

The upheaval s of the late 20th century form the inspiration for this extraordinary fragrance. Encouraged by the passionate, outspoken youth culture bubbling up from underneath the bourgeois class of the time, a new generation emerged to forge a new and independent culture of its own through fashion, art and music - a culture full of confidence and verve! 1976, the fragrance, renders the spirit of this time in liquid form - freesia and citrus notes open the scent with a feeling of youthful optimism and something approaching innocence. The whole thing goes up in the smoke in the heart, however, with birch and fiery black pepper, as well as a host of hot, sun-flooded herbs such as lavender, juniper, and St. John's Wort. A green jasmine and vetiver form a grassy, floral duet that emerges from the fiery, spicy aromatics to spread a feeling of peace and beauty. From destruction and rebellion comes the urge to create new forms!

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