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Floris - The Fragrance Journals - 1962

Floris - The Fragrance Journals - 1962

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Head Notes

Mandarin, Clove, Mint, Bergamot

Heart Notes

Cypress, Basil, Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley

Base Notes

Cedar, Moss, Musk

Floris - The Fragrance Journals - 1962

In the summer of 1962, music, color and art exploded onto the scene in Soho, blasting away the dusty remnants of post-war 50's deprivation. A small but vibrant world sprang up in Soho around a clutch of cool clubs, cafes, and rock 'n' roll clubs. 1962, the fragrance, captures the lively, exciting atmosphere of Soho during this time, bursting out of the bottle with a fireworks display of fizzing green tangerine, spicy carnation, mint and bergamot. Once the sparks die down, the heart of the fragrance reveals itself - crisp, dewy white jasmine and muguet sharpened with a hint of green basil and sappy cypress wood. The base is a sturdy, aromatic response to the shimmering white florals in the heart, strong with red cedar, oakmoss, musk, and St. John's wort. A citrusy, woody floral chypre - why not? It sounds complicated but it sings on the skin.

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