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État Libre d'Orange - Rien Intense Incense

État Libre d'Orange - Rien Intense Incense

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Head Notes

Mandarin, Rice, Ginger

Heart Notes

Lily Of The Valley, Violet, Rose

Base Notes

Leather, Amber Rating

État Libre d'Orange - Rien Intense Incense

In a classic case of "are you sure you want this?", the perfumers at EDLO have increased the strength of the already intense Rien from 20% to an incredible 30%, so hang onto your motor cycle helmet, because it looks like we are going on one hell of a ride! Well, except, not really. Somewhat counterintuitively, the additional strengthening of the formula has made Rien Intense Incense a softer, more refined version of the original beastie. The smokier incense and woods of this version of the fragrance give it an exotic, Middle-Eastern allure that isn't in the original, and may therefore appeal even more to fans of Arabian perfumery. We think it's as stunning as the original, and a must try for leather and incense fans.

Notes: incense, rose, leather, orris, cistus, oakmoss, patchouli, amber, cumin, black pepper, aldehydes

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