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État Libre d'Orange - Les Fleurs du Déchet - I am Trash

État Libre d'Orange - Les Fleurs du Déchet - I am Trash

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Head Notes

Bitter Orange (Petitgrain), Apple Mandarin

Heart Notes

Rose, Iso E Super, Strawberry

Base Notes

Cedar, Sandalwood, Woody Notes

État Libre d'Orange - Les Fleurs du Déchet - I am Trash

I Am Trash (in French, Les Fleurs du Déchet) is a beautiful example of what Etat Libre d'Orange does best, which is to take an interesting idea and turn it into a perfume that challenges expectations and upturns convention. Always unexpected, sometimes sly, the fragrances from this brand possess the capacity to both surprise and delight.

In I Am Trash, Etat Libre d'Orange asks the fragrance community to consider the waste left behind after the creation of a scent - spent orange peels left over after extraction of the oil, for example. Are they not still beautiful in and of themselves even though their ?useful' life is considered to be over? Yes, the brand insists, they are not only beautiful and fragrant, but also useful! Etat also asks us to find beauty in nature's trash, like ambergris, a precious substance literally washed up on beaches like pieces of flotsam and jetsam. The point is - there is real beauty to be found in what others might consider trash. This fragrance stands as a testament to that.

The ultimate in upcycling, I Am Trash is a scent made using the materials like fruit peel left over from extraction. Working closely with Givaudan, the Swiss flavor and aroma giant, Etat finds those spent materials and makes high art with it, forcing us to see its beauty still alive and glowing within. Despite the mention of trash, the scent does not smell a bit like actual trash. Instead, it smells clean and radiant, like fresh woodland strawberries, green apple peel, and oranges stretched over a blond wooden frame, with plenty of clean white musk to keep the structure smelling fresh and buoyant.

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