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État Libre d'Orange - Jasmin et Cigarette

État Libre d'Orange - Jasmin et Cigarette

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Head Notes

Apricot, Turmeric

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Tobacco, Hay

Base Notes

Cedarwood, Ambergris Note, Musk, Tonka Bean

État Libre d'Orange - Jasmin et Cigarette

Ash dropping off the end of a menthol cigarette in a field of jasmine - there is something illicit and naught about this fragrance, a thrilling mixture of wrong and right that just works. The jasmine is indolic, but also green and fruity, with an undertone of wet mint, and this adds a sappy floral moistness to the dry tobacco leaf and ash.

At first the tobacco is young and moist, as yet unsmoked and folded into clean, vanillic cigarette paper. But as the dirty jasmine ignites, so too does the cigarette, and there is a hint of smoke. It is a sort of casual, punk rock fragrance to wear while touring with a band, all leather jackets, ash, and tons of jasmine cologne water used as tooth rinse. A sheer delight to wear, and thrillingly subversive too.

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