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Dusita - Issara

Dusita - Issara

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Dusita - Issara

Head Notes

Kiefer, Herbs

Heart Notes

Cinnamon, Vetiver, Pine, Tobacco

Base Notes

Musk, Oak Moss, Amber Note, Woody Notes

Dusita - Issara

"Here where the tree once stood, is now a shelter from ancient rains." - Montri Umavijani.

Issara is an aromatic fougere, intended as a tribute to lovers of freedom and independence. It evokes the feeling of walking through a pine forest after a summer storm, with rain dripping down through the branches of the trees and ferns, wild herbs, and lavender stalks being trampled under your feet.

All around is the fresh, invigorating smell of the forest - a breathing, living spirit of trees, sap, and the green-tinged air that seems to expand your lungs tenfold with its piney ozone. Nearby, a salt lake or sea shore fills the air with brackish salt, a clean, vital smell that makes you want to take a little time alone to enjoy the beauty of nature.

After its invigorating tree-sap and herbal start, Issara develops into a warm, hay-like coumarin that soothes the spikes of the lavender buds. Vetiver provides the salty, green, mossy bitterness associated with sea salt and sea grasses. In the base, it is sweetly ambery, but also briskly peppered and woody. A delight that will allow you to dream of great outdoor spaces under a boundless blue sky.

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