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Carthusia - Ligea la Sirena - Extrait de Parfum

Carthusia - Ligea la Sirena - Extrait de Parfum

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Head Notes


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Carthusia - Ligea la Sirena - Extrait de Parfum

In Greek mythology, Ligea is one of three very beautiful sirens, who tried to catch Ulysses on his legendary journey by the use their enchanting voices. Ligea la Sirena is a fragrance full of sensuousness and captivating femininity, which charms its environment.

The Fragrance

In the head note, sun kissed tangerine is flowering out into an explosion of flavours. In the floral heart, a sensitive fragrance of frail, gentle wild growing white roses pays homage to the beauty of this world. Warm notes of the base are creating a play of senses and of longing and perfect this very feminine fragrance.

This Extrait de Parfum contains a higher concentration of the fragrance Fiori di Capri - it lasts longer on your skin and provides a more opulent sillage around you.

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