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Carthusia - Carthusia Uomo

Carthusia - Carthusia Uomo

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Head Notes

Bergamot, Zitrische Notes Zitrische Notes

Heart Notes

Aquatic Notes

Base Notes


Carthusia - Uomo - EdP - For Men

Carthusia is an airy, timeless fragrance for men, who found their own style. This classic perfume is, due to its astute composition of noble essences, a nearly transparent fragrance of unforgettable sleaziness.

The Fragrance

The tangy head starts with a play of fresh bergamot, juicy citron and a variety of citrus fruits. With the help of maritime notes, the heart is a very special spectacle of flavours, which grants the bearer some kind of elegance, making him stand out in the crowd. Strong rosewood perfects this unique fragrance. And the woody notes of the base make it a real masterpiece.

The Flacon

With an immaculate sense of style and full of elegance, the transparent-green flacon shows its pure manliness and is, on top of that, a real artwork.

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